Patriot Realty

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 Patriot Realty
Applications, Native App, Real Estate, WordPress
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Patriot Realty

Patriot Realty is a real estate firm located in Grand Rapids, MI. They specialize in waterfront property and needed a multi-channel solution to highlight their properties. We created a website that features a multi-tag based searching system that allows users to search for exactly the home they want. We also created one of the first native apps for real estate in the Grand Rapids area for Patriot Realty’s customers to easily find homes through the MLS.

Patriot Realty App

Patriot Realty App on iPhone

Project Features

Wordpress site
We moved their site from from a static html site to a Wordpress install which offered them full self-editing.
Native app
We created an app that harnesses the MLS database so current and new customers can search for homes by location right from their smartphone or tablet.